Friday, April 20, 2012

The Franklin Half Dollar was designed in 1947 by John R. Sinnock, only a few weeks before his death. His initials appear below Franklin's shoulder. The coin depicts the portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the obverse, enclosed by LIBERTY at the top and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST at the bottom. On the reverse, Sinnock placed the Liberty bell, with an eagle on its right and E PLURIBUS UNUM at its left. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is above, while the denomination is below.

Even before the Franklin coin reached circulation, the design was criticized by many. Some thought the coin was too plain compared to the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. Others had objections regarding the eagle being too small and having low relief. The latter concern was solved later when Proofs of 1959-1963 showed off a new reverse hub with the eagle in higher relief and only three feathers instead of four. Still other people had concerns about the plain crack in the bell which could've brought derogatory remarks to the United States coinage. And then there were the bigots, who misinterpreted Sinnock initials J.S. placed on the coin as designating Joseph Stalin and therefore communism.

Franklin Half Dollars have emerged with popularity in the recent years. Although the collector can fill out his collection with all kinds of different grades including brilliant Uncirculated, full strike Uncirculated pieces with full bell lines on the reverse and other details are much harder to find. Proofs were minted from 1950 through 1963, some with satin finish and others as brilliant proofs.

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