Monday, April 16, 2012

Washington Quarter (1932 - present)

1939 Washington Quarter
The Washington Quarter was issued at the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth in order to commemorate the 1st United States president. After high competition for the design, the new quarter was designed by John Flanagan, a New York sculptor. His initials can be found at the base of Washington's neck. As the Treasury required, the president's portrait had to be based on Houdon's bust (1785) preserved at Mount Vernon. Therefore, the obverse shows the head of George Washington, facing left. LIBERTY is above, IN GOD WE TRUST to the left, and the date below. On the reverse, Flanagan placed an eagle perched on a branch, a wreath below it, and E PLURIBUS UNUM above. Around the reverse rim, UNITED STATES ON AMERICA and QUARTER DOLLAR were inscribed. The mintmark is located on the reverse, below the wreath. Only after the first quarters of this type went into circulation, the Commission had strong objections regarding the design. It seems that the motto IN GOD WE TRUST was too light and wore easily, and so did the details on Washington hair and face. For this reason, quarter from 1932-1934 are harder to find in good condition and with strong details on obverse. During 1934, two hub changes were made, producing medium and heavy motto types for the Philadelphia and Denver quarters. Quarters of 1935 have medium motto, while the ones dating 1936-1964 have heavy motto. The Washington quarter was minted in silver until 1964, when it was replaced with a new alloy.

Besides the modifications to the motto, other changes affected the Washington quarter along the years. In 1938, the president's profile was sharpened. In 1944, the shape of Washington's hair and ribbon were changed. Although there are no real rarities of Washington quarters, the collector of this type will definitely look for the 1932-S key date, available at a higher price than the rest of the quarters. The good thing about collecting Washington quarters is that the collector can fulfill his collection at a reasonable price. Later dates are available at low costs in any condition. The collector also has the option to seek out Washington quarters in high grades, at a good price, and with an array of superb toning or bright white with full luster. Proofs are available for the years 1936 through 1942 and 1950 through 1964.

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