Friday, June 15, 2012

Bust Quarters (1796 - 1838)

1834 Bust Dime
The first quarter introduced for circulation was the Draped Bust Quarter with Small Eagle Reverse in 1796. The design of Bust Quarter followed the patters of the early half-dimes and dimes. The 1796 Draped Bust featured 15 obverse stars and a flowing hair Liberty on the obverse. On the reverse, the small eagle was surrounded by an olive branch and the legend. As with the half-dimes, there is no denomination present on the quarters until 1804 when "25C." first appeared on the Draped Bust with Heraldic Eagle Reverse. The appearance of the eagle on the reverse was changed again in 1815 when the Capped Bust Quarter was released. 1796 Bust Quarters are very rare in any grade and usually at a high premium. The 1796 quarter is considered to be a key issue in any grade, and is a landmark in the American coinage series. The 1796 quarter is considered to be a key issue, and is a landmark in the American coinage series. Bust Quarters of 1804-1807 are very rare in high grades. Capped Bust quarter rarities are the 1832/2 and 1827 quarters.

Robert Scot's Draped Bust design appeared in 1796 on quarters, a type that had a Small Eagle Reverse in 1796 and a Heraldic Eagle Reverse for 1804-1807. Examples of Draped Bust dimes with Small Eagle Reverse are very rare especially in high grades. The Heraldic Eagle design displayed 13 stars on the obverse surrounding Liberty instead of 15. On the reverse, it had the Great Seal of the United States, known also to collectors as the Large Eagle. This eagle had a shield on its breast and holding in its beak a ribbon with E PLURIBUS UNUM inscribed on it. The eagle was holding arrows and an olive branch in its claws. Similar to the half dollar, the next design called "Capped Bust" showed Liberty with her hair tucked in a cap secured by a headband with the word LIBERTY on it. The reverse had a majestic eagle perched on a branch and holding arrows in its left claw. This time, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM was placed on a ribbon above the eagle and not in its beak like on earlier quarters. During the Capped Bust quarter period, there were two varieties minted: Variety 1 with Large Diameter and Variety 2 with Reduced Diameter. The Reduced Diameter variety (1831-1838) showed other changes too: restyled smaller letters, stars and numerals, giving the coin a more cameo-like appearance than its predecessor. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM was removed from the reverse as well.

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