Friday, June 22, 2012

Seated Liberty Dimes (1837 - 1891)

1886 Seated Liberty Dime
In 1837 the Seated Liberty was designed by Christian Gobrecht. A design that appeared first on silver dollars in 1836, it displayed Miss Liberty sitting on a rock and with a shield in front of her. In her right hand, Liberty was holding a scroll - or others would say a ribbon - with LIBERTY on it. With her left hand, Liberty was holding a pole with a liberty cap on top. For the reverse, Gobrecht put the denomination ONE DIME in the middle, surrounded by an olive branch with a bow. Just like the Seated Half Dime, this design underwent numerous changes along the years. The first Variety with No Stars on obverse was minted in 1837-1838. In 1838 through 1853, the Variety 2 with Stars on obverse was minted for circulation - 13 stars were added and surrounded Liberty. Starting 1838, Seated Liberty dimes were minted at the New Orleans mint, showing an O for the mint mark located above the bow on the reverse. The 1838-O Seated Liberty Dime is popular among coin collectors. Within Variety 2, Seated Liberty dimes were minted some with No Drapery from Elbow (1838-1840) and others With Drapery from Elbow (1840-1891).

After the gold rush in California and the rise in price of silver, the third Variety for Dimes emerged with Arrows at the Date (1853-1855) to denote the reduction of weight under the laws of the Act of February, 1853. Arrows at date were also placed on half dimes, quarters and half dollars during that period. Variety 3 dimes were minted at Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carson City mints. Just like the Seated half dimes, in 1860, the Seated Liberty dime design was changed again when mint designer James Longacre switched the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA from the reverse to the obverse, and placed a "Cereal Wreath" on the reverse, around the denomination. Among this Variety, the Carson City minted dimes are scarce and very popular with coin collectors. Dimes of 1873 and 1874 again appeared with arrowheads around the date, this time to signify a slight increase in the weight.

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